Our Process


When you’re contemplating a remodeling project, you may feel a bit lost. By following our comprehensive time-tested process plan, we can help you move seamlessly through every phase of your project.

Our Step-by-Step Process

Step 1

We have a short phone call with you where we learn high-level details about your project, we answer your questions and we both determine if we are a good fit for each other. If so, we set a time to come meet you and see your project in person.

Step 2

We meet you for a free, one-hour in-person consultation. We carefully listen to your vision so we can gain a clear understanding of exactly what you’d like to accomplish. We discuss your design goals and desired results, and we share on-the-spot design and functional ideas that frequently help augment your vision. We answer your questions and determine if you want to move forward with a design agreement for developing a full set of plans.

Step 3

We draft your formal design agreement and email it to you for your signature. Design costs range from $900 to $3,700, and you own the plan we develop for you.

Step 4

As soon as we receive your executed design agreement, we meet you in person to discuss granular details about your project. We take all the measurements necessary to create the full set of plans for your project.

Step 5

As soon as your design is ready, we meet you at your home to go over your blueprints, elevations and renderings. We make any changes that you need — up to two plan revisions are included in your design agreement — and we answer all your questions. Once you approve your design plans, we determine if you want to move forward toward finalizing a construction agreement.

Step 6

We meet you in person for your budget and construction agreement presentation. We share our fully transparent line-by-line scope of work where the budget includes each cost item broken out by labor and materials, our supervision cost, our overhead cost and our profit. We finalize any changes, we answer your questions and we determine if you are ready to move forward with construction. If so, you execute a construction agreement with us.

Step 7

We provide you with your step-by-step project timeline. You will make all your selections up front with local vendors, as well as from online sources. By making sure all of your selections are on hand prior to on-site work commencing, we save you time and money. All other materials are ordered and zoning permits are pulled.

Step 8

We begin demolition and construction. We start by installing temporary plastic zipper walls to seal off the work zone. We complete demolition and then move into construction. We target having our team on site every business day. Charleene or our assistant project manager strives to visit your home every business day. We clean up the work site each day in order to minimize the impact on your family.

Step 9

Once construction is complete, we conduct a thorough walk-through where we note any items that require attention or final touch ups. Our team immediately addresses this “punch list” in order to finish your project on time and on budget.

Step 10

We warranty all of our work for one full year. If anything goes wrong, just give us a call and we’ll be out right away to fix the issue.

Our Estimated Timelines


Design & Layout: 1-2 Months
Construction: 2 Months
Total Duration: 3-4 Months


Design & Layout: 2-3 Months
Construction: 4 Months
Total Duration: 6-7 Months


Design & Layout: 2-3 Months
Construction: 2-3 Months
Total Duration: 4-6 Months


Design & Layout: 3-4 Months
Construction: 3-6 Months
Total Duration: 6-10 Months

Whole House Renovation

Design & Layout: 2-3 Months
Construction: 4 Months
Total Duration: 6-7 Months