10 Home Design Trends for 2023

With a new year comes new home design trends. And unless you’re remodeling your home, you might not realize just how many details contribute to redoing your space, which can get a bit overwhelming at times. To help make your design decisions a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 home design trends to pay attention to for 2023.

1. Opting for Slab Backsplashes

When thinking about a backsplash for your kitchen, the more traditional approach usually comes to mind — tiles. But a growing design trend that’s making its mark is the slab backsplash. This consists of a solid slab of natural or engineered stone. This look tends to offer a bold, more dramatic design statement to your space. Although slab backsplashes tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional tilework, they can help you achieve a custom, high-end aesthetic.

Kitchen with stainless steel farmhouse sink
Stratford Kitchen Remodel

2. Replacing Kitchen Tables with Large Islands

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you do so many things: prepare food, gather, make memories, and so much more. Having a large kitchen island is a growing design trend for 2023 that allows homeowners more functionality, among other things, in their kitchens. One of the more obvious things that is eliminated by removing the kitchen table, is the seating. But large islands not only provide the additional space for more than just a couple of seats, they also provide additional storage and counter space. Islands serve more of a multi-functional purpose than tables do. You can sit, store, cook, gather, and even wash your dishes if you include a built-in sink with your island.

kitchen island
Foxland Kitchen Remodel

3. Decorating with Warmer Colors

While different shades of gray have been overwhelmingly popular for quite some time now, 2023 will bring a shift to warmer neutrals. This includes colors made with orange, red, yellow, beige, creamy neutrals, brown, and tan. Warm colors are often used to elevate a room or home’s design, but still provide a feeling of coziness and relaxation. These colors don’t have to be dark or bold, a creamy white is still considered to be a warm color choice. This is helpful for those who have smaller spaces, as darker colors can often make small rooms feel smaller.

Helm Kitchen Remodel

4. Eliminating Accent Walls

For nearly two decades, accent walls have been helping homeowners experiment with color without making too big of a change to their space, as well as being an easy way to add contrast to a large warm. But this design trend is slowly on its way out. If not done properly an accent wall can make your space feel disjointed, look cluttered, or even make your decor look outdated.

Helm Kitchen Remodel

5. Adding Butler Pantries

A butler’s pantry, also known as a working or functional pantry, is a room or space that’s attached to your kitchen. Depending on their size, they can provide more than just additional storage. They can be used to prep food, hide a mess while entertaining family and friends, and be a more organized space to store bulky kitchen items. All of these benefits contribute to keeping your kitchen looking clean. Butler pantries are certainly considered a luxury addition to a home. If you’re remodeling and are looking to include one, you’ll need to consider the layout of your space and/or the cost of possibly putting on an addition.

Club View Kitchen Remodel

6. Choosing Handmade or Textured Tiles

When redesigning your home, you will likely have to choose between a variety of different tile selections depending on the area you’re remodeling. A trend that will be making its way into 2023 is choosing handmade or textured tiles, because of all that they can add to your space. Textured tiles can provide a room with a certain level of dimension, creating interest and character without overdoing it. And depending on their pattern, they can even make your room look bigger. If they’re going on the floor, they’re a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry spaces, because they can help prevent people from slipping on a wet floor.

Club View Kitchen Remodel

7. Using Rattan Shades on Pendant Lights

Organic, natural decor has been a growing trend for some time now. In 2023, something we’ll see more of with this design trend is the use of rattan, specifically on pendant light fixtures. Rattan is made from plant fibers of a variety of different climbing palm species. Because these organic fibers are often woven like a basket, there are open spaces for light to filter through, making them great pendant light shades. When used as light shades, rattan creates a soft glow to your space.

kitchen island with rattan shades
Widerfield Kitchen Remodel

8. Updating Fixtures with Polished Nickel and Chrome

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in 2023, you may opt for polished nickel or chrome when choosing your fixtures. These finishes offer durability and can be easily cleaned from fingerprints and scratches. Their smooth, shiny appearances can make a space feel brighter. Also, polished nickel has warm undertones, making it a great choice to pair with your warmer wall colors.

polished nickel
Linwood Kitchen Remodel

9. Installing Open Ended Shelving

Many people remodeling their kitchens have been choosing to ditch the traditional kitchen cabinets and opt for open ended shelving. This design trend has been found to let more light into a space and provide a more open feel. Because these shelves are open, it forces homeowners to be more organized, while allowing them to be able to find things easier. They’re also much more low maintenance than traditional kitchen cabinets, because there’s no need to clean or repair door hinges or knobs that wear over time.

open shelving in kitchen
South Ellwood Kitchen Remodel

10. Keeping Counters Clean and Uncluttered

When it comes to decorating your kitchen in 2023, less is more. Keep them uncluttered by finding better storage spaces for bigger items, like small kitchen appliances. Adding a tray or basket is a nice way to add to your decor by organizing common clutter items that might not feel like they have a distinct place, like salt and pepper shakers. There’s no need to keep your knife block on the countertop either, when you can swap it out for an in-drawer insert.

Trafalgar Kitchen Remodel

Keep a lookout for these growing design trends during your next remodel!