5 Basement Remodeling Tips

For many people, their basement is an underutilized space. They might be using it as a laundry area or as a storage space for things like their home’s water heater, boxes of old items they no longer use, or winter clothes storage, etc. But what if your basement was a fully functional living space? Whether yours is partially done or you’re looking to undergo a complete overhaul, finishing this space can transform your home, and your pockets, in ways you didn’t know were possible. Take a look at these 5 basement remodeling tips!

Make a Family Room or Bonus Room

A common thought people have when looking into remodeling their basement is turning it into a family room or bonus room. That’s because basements are usually large spaces that are great for social activities, especially those for kids of any age. You can keep it simple with a traditional living room setup (couch, coffee table, TV), or you can add specialty items like pool tables and darts and really make it a space for entertaining. If the space is large enough, you might consider making it a dual-purpose living space and section off a particular area to include some workout equipment and create a home gym, or include a home office area.

Add an Extra Bedroom

Having an extra bedroom in your remodeled basement can serve many purposes. It can be a space for in-laws, a guest room, or a living quarters for a teen. This is a great tip for those who live in smaller homes that maybe don’t already have enough bedrooms on the first or second floors. Regardless of the size of the bedroom and who will be sleeping in it (whether sporadically or regularly), there are some building codes and requirements to keep in mind. One of the most important things being that you need to include is an egress window to act as an exit should there be an emergency. It looks like a regular window but opens fully. The egress window is required in addition to a door to either the main home (such as the door from the first floor to the basement) or the outside. Aside from being a requirement for an emergency exit, having a window in the basement will help to bring some light from outside into an otherwise naturally dark space.

Put in a Full Bathroom

A tip to consider when remodeling your basement is including a full bathroom, especially if you’re already installing an extra bedroom. Having a bathroom is convenient for those utilizing the remodeled space, whether it be you or your guests. If you’re installing an extra bedroom, it has even more value for whoever would be staying in that room. Not only does it provide them with privacy, but they also won’t have to go upstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Another thing to keep in mind is if you have young kids who will be using the basement space as a play area. If they have trouble climbing the stairs, it can be a safer option to have a bathroom on the same level so they don’t have to go up and down the stairs every time they need to use the bathroom.

Install a Kitchenette and Wet Bar

If you’re big into entertaining, this tip is for you. You can make hosting friends and family easier by including a kitchenette and wet bar area in your remodeled basement. You’ll have access to hot and cold water, a sink, a refrigerator, a stove, an oven, and cabinet storage. This could completely eliminate the need for running up and down the stairs to check on the appetizers in the oven or refill a guest’s drink for them, and allow you to spend more time with your guests as you entertain. Not to mention allowing for an easier clean up after hosting. With a kitchenette in your basement, you have the ability to use the sink (or dishwasher) right there, as opposed to needing to lug the dirty dishes upstairs to clean up.

Include All of the Above Options

Why choose just one thing to include in your basement remodel when you can include them all? Making your basement into a fully functioning living space is another great tip to consider. This option allows you to essentially create an apartment out of your basement that can then be used in a variety of ways, such as an in-law suite, an adult child’s living space, or you can choose to rent it out and generate extra income.

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Whether you’re just looking to give your basement a refresh or want to undergo a full overhaul to add fresh new spaces, the team at Charleene’s Houses LLC works with clients to discover the possibilities of upgrading your basement and turning it into a space you’ll love. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what one of our client’s had to say about their basement remodel experience:

“We hired Charleene to design and remodel our basement in the fall of 2015. The project included gutting the 70s style wood paneling that was down there and building us a modern multi-purpose space. We are very pleased with the results. Charleene listened to our ideas at our initial meeting and really understood what we wanted. The completed basement now includes a full-sized bedroom, full spa-like bath, a laundry closet, and large family room/playroom. Our favorite feature is the custom-made sliding barn door that allows us to maximize our natural lighting during the day (something that is hard to do in a basement). Charleene was pleasant to work with. We had a very hard deadline (our baby’s due date) that she always stayed conscious of. She even put extra people on our project when I started having pre-term contractions just to make sure things would be ready for the baby. We would definitely use Charleene and her crew again in the future.”

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